Mecha and Mercenaries

Mission 4a

Hostile Expansion

Dear Pirates:
Fuck you.
The Fortuna Group

This is an interesting one. We’ve got a contract in from the RHMC, addressed specifically to the Fortuna Group. After our successful operations against the Barbary Cove raiders, the RHMC started looking to expand, now that the greatest block on building their business was gone. They sent out probes to sniff out the adjacent sector — fortunately, they included some sensors tuned for detecting things a little smaller than mineral-rich asteroids, after their last set of problems. The probes turned up a number of sites rich in valuable resources — also a pirate gang. A right proper one, by the looks of it. The contract they sent over includes signatures on at least 10 unique mecha units and no fewer than two spaceships — one a transport of some variety, and the other a frigate-class vessel. They want us to roust them out so the Red Hammer can move into the area. They’re offering a million and a half now, and the same again after the job’s done.

In part due to a desire to avoid robot sponsored murder, the Fortuna group they only had one choice, to kill every pirate they saw. Fortunately the RHMC is always willing to point us in the right direction. After putting our newly acquired spy drones to use and suiting up with our new [[:booster pack | Booster Packs]] we took the offensive and devised a cunning two part strategy. First we would wait for the pirates to send the main part of their force on patrol. Then we would ambush the pirate base, steal the hell out of their ship and launching facilites (with the help of our good friends Garrett’s Grenadiers) and make out with the sweet sweet loot.

Unfortunately it didn’t happen quite like that.

The pirates were far better equipped than we expected and armed, not with the standard mishmash of mecha, but with top of the line Jovian military hardware. Of course they were no match for the Fortuna Group, but now they’ve found themselves in a sticky situation. Will they fast burn for the remaining pirates or consolidate their winnings? Who are the so called pirates and what do they want? And what will the fortuna group do with them?


We will fast burn for the remaining pirates.
They are Jovian millitary obviously just pirates.
We will fast burn the remaining pirates.
(or perhaps a slow broil would be better, not having taste buds is a bit challenging when it comes to cooking)

Mission 4a

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