I once asked my father why, if technology was so wonderful, were people suffering? If technology has given us the ability to replicate the human body or copy the human mind, why couldn’t it end world hunger, world suffering? He smiled at me and said, “No man ever grew strong in a life of luxury, or prosperous in a life without need. It is mankind’s lot to suffer, to grow strong, and then inflict that suffering on others. It is our way, our nature, the meaning of all civilization.” I have never forgot those words. Are they true? Perhaps it is not for me to say.

Handwavium of the Day: NANOTECHNOLOGY

Artifical Intelligence: Really good AI is disproportionately expensive — the smartest you can reasonably get a thinking computer is around the human range. Most AIs are about as smart as dogs or cats or on occasion monkeys or dolphins — they just happen to have programs that let them speak English and are coded to perform tasks. This is pretty much why the Singularity never happened.

Resurrection: braintaping and cloning are Things, in-setting, after you cack it your buddies can go get a speed-grown clone done and shove your mind into it. Alternatively, there is Project Lazarus-style nanotech floating around for those who find braintaping and biotech unsavory (Jovians) but that has its own unique set of problems.

Major Corporations:

  • Toha Heavy Industries
  • Post-Terran Mining Corporation
  • Shinohara Heavy Industrial Concern

Other Corporations:

  • Consolidated Technologies Limited
  • Purazuma Production
  • JaherCore

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