Screaming Blue

Toha Heavy Industries Fortuna Custom ‘Screaming Blue’

Severely damaged in the battle to escape Tharsis, the Stern Bear was heavily revised in order to avoid a total scrap of the Mobile Weapon. While the basic frame of the MW was salvaged, virtually every other feature has been rebuilt from the ground up to better facilitate Waylon’s role as an overwatch and interceptor unit in battle. Banner and Wilson oversaw the rebuild, and as a result the newly christened ‘Screaming Blue’ is a highly capable battle unit, despite being a one-off emergency customization.


Alhulak - The retrofitting and rebuild did away with virtually all of the Stern Bear’s extraneous weapons, leaving it with two Type 93 Néngyuán Custom sabers mounted in shoulder recharge racks. While the alterations to them lightened the weight and power drain, their damage capabilities are also lessened.

Holy Symbol - Modifying the Type 22 Duǎn Shù Qiāng has taken a back-seat to the various other features of the suit, leaving it barely altered.

Heavy Shield - The Screaming Blue retains the Type 22 Zhòngxíng Dùn shield, although the lessened reactor and thruster power means the shield’s weight is now much more of a concern than it used to be. Still, it is more than capable of effectively knocking aside and intercepting enemy attacks despite this.

Plate Armor - The THI Type 7 Armor has been discarded, instead replaced with a standard heavy alloy plating system for easier repair and maintenance. While the weight is again a major concern, to the point of lowering the Screaming Blue’s top speed and acceleration, the protection is comparable to that of small scale destroyer armor.


Bloodhunt - The Screaming Blue’s sophisticated EWAR package enables better targeting against damaged units due to the exposed systems, arcing power, and torn off plating.

Fire Resistance - A test run of new cooling techniques devised by the Aphetor’s science team has left the Screaming Blue with increased heat dispertion abilities thanks to cooling ducts and heat-efficient materials.

Low-light Vision - Enhanced sensors and increased ECCM allow the Screaming Blue to maintain visual acuity even in less than optimal conditions.


Divine Challenge/Sanction - Arguably the most unique aspect of the Screaming Blue, the dedicated EWAR pods on the back are heavily derived from both the Hygeia and Xolotl. Using a dedicated computer system in the Screaming Blue, the pods can detach from their mounts and, via wire-guided control systems, fly in a large area around the mobile weapon. This allows for focused ECM and ECCM actions, as well as direct attacks utilizing the low-power beam guns mounted in each unit. While less than astounding damage wise, the odd angles and computer controlled accuracy of the pods ensure that, unless the enemy is focused on dodging them, they’re all but guaranteed to be hit. The only downsides are the limited operational time of the pods in remote mode, meaning they must disengage and return to the Screaming Blue after only a few moments away and necessitating target reacquisition, and the fact that they are keyed to not fire if the target is in combat with the Screaming Blue, to prevent accidents such as the destruction of their tethering systems.

Lay On Hands - A re-working of the Screaming Blue’s auto-repair and damage control systems allow it to engage friendlies at close range and apply temporary repairs to them using its own stock of materials.


Wrath of the Crimson Legion - Due to the rebuild leaving the Screaming Blue with less applicable strength than the Stern Bear, heavy overhauls were made to the computer systems to allow it to integrate the ECM and sensor data into its basic attack maneuvers. In addition, the beam-burner units from the Stern Bear have been replaced with sensor sub-units directly linked to the EWAR control systems.

Imperious Majesty - The advanced sensor systems and EWAR units on the Screaming Blue have significantly boosted its ability to enter battle rapidly, leading to fast reactions and opportunistic uses of the EWAR systems on unready enemies.

Superior Will - The ECCM and damage control systems in the Screaming Blue rival those of the Aphetor itself, and as such it is extremely resistant to outside tampering, be it direct interference from enemy units or ranged ECM activities.


Enfeebling Strike - Making use of the directed ECM systems, the Screaming Blue is able to interfere with enemy units automatically even while engaging them directly.

Ardent Strike - With careful timing, the Screaming Blue can link the two targeting systems in the unit to both attack an enemy and provide targeting data to the EWAR pods in one fell swoop.

Valorous Smite - By straining the systems, it is possible to have the EWAR pods perform their own target acquisitions in a wide area around the Screaming Blue. However, doing this repeatedly in a short period will result in system burnouts and computer failures.

Majestic Halo - However, by integrating dedicated short range probes, the EWAR pods are capable of limited autonomous action, automatically targeting and engaging enemies at close range regardless of Waylon’s commands. Unfortunately, the probes and systems on the pods are incapable of sustained use in the fashion, and require maintenance and repairs after each use.

Paladin’s Wrath - Utilizing the sensor sub-units replacing the beam-burners, the EWAR pods can once more bypass the limited system capabilities and engage multiple units at once. As before, however, this is a temporary bypass that will cause system damage if overused.

Divine Mettle - A further modification of the Screaming Blue’s damage control systems allow it to temporarily hijack a suit’s own systems and provide direct assistance using its own data and computational power.

Call of Challenge - Another sub-system installed by Dr. Wilson and CMM Banner, it uses a 360 degree array of multiple types of sensors to feed data input to the EWAR pods, once more allowing for a bypass of the targeting limitations. Once more, it is unable to be used repeatedly due to the strain it places on all the involved equipment.

Mocking Smite - Utilizing the sensor and ECM sub-systems, the Screaming Blue is able to inflict extra systems damage and overload detection devices on enemy units via temporary overload of the sub-systems. However, this will cause damage if done too often, limiting the viability of the tactic.

Screaming Blue

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