R-307A "Longtooth"


Model Specifications

Description: Chrysler R-307A “Longtooth”, heavily customized (nonstandard)
Manufacturer: Chrysler Group
Model Number: R-307A
Unit Design Specification: Mass Production Close Combat Unit
Owner: Truck Thunders

Race:Longtooth Shifter: R-307A “Longtooth”

The Longtooth chassis was designed by Chrysler for private security forces, and a medium production run was produced before the company went into bankruptcy, again, interrupting supply. The sturdy, flexible unit has a small following among pilots, many of which customize their units to some degree or other. (Almost all of them remove the near-useless point defense guns, for one thing.) Thunders’ unit has stripped out nearly every nonessential system in favor of heavier armor and improved performance in melee combat.

Class:Ranger (Primeshot/Two-Blade Fighting Style) JaherCore Strider-IIIC Limited Production Close Combat Variant

The JaherCore IIIC is a variant of the JaherCore III, originally produced as a rush order for equipping a force expecting to engage in much more close-quarters work than normal. It is not officially produced anymore, but turns up occasionally in bootleg form or sold from salvage. It still has the STSWAU system seen in Fray’s MPAP-386, and also experiences the same targeting glitch seen in that customized model, it doesn’t assist with melee attacks either.


Farbond Spellblade Bastard Sword: Custom Sword Dispenser

Thunders’ unit has been equipped with a custom backpack to hold a large number of swords, letting him throw one (which he can do with surprising accuracy) and immediately retrieve a replacement. The swords themselves are produced in the Aphetor’s fabrication units to Thunders’ exacting specifications when replacements are required. Fortunately, the materials are cheap.

Scale Armor: Sons of Tesla Laminate Composite Armor

The stock Longtooth serviceable but ordinary steel plating has recently been replaced by Dr. Sevarian with a Tesla formula laminate composite armor, greatly increasing its protective functions while adjustments of the joint armoring also allows the unit to perform complex maneuvers as easily as much more lightly armored units. Its weight still slows down the units somewhat, though, but the recent purchase of booster units has allayed Thunders’ concerns on that front.

Pointy Horn Thing: Pointy Horn Thing

It looks cool.


Toughness, Armor Proficiency: Chainmail, Armor Proficiency: Scale: Custom Tuning And Modification

Thunders is quite happy with his new armor upgrades.

Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword): Big Fucking Swords

Thunders has modified his Longtooth to use larger swords than normal. This does mean the inside of his cockpit is rather confusing for anybody who isn’t familiar with it.

Heavy Blade Expertise: Practice, Practice, Practice

Thunders has been using swords for (he claims) longer than some of the other pilots have been alive, and is rather good with them.

Deep Sage: “Oh, I recognize that!”

Thunders’ claims of a long and storied career are backed up by his ability to recognize and place the abilities of a remarkable number of pieces of military and paramilitary hardware.


Twin StrikeTwo Arms Means Two Swords

Thunders hits things with swords. Quite frequently.

Throw and StabThe Thunders Special

Assorted rapid maneuvering devices allow Thunders to throw a sword at one target, and then quickly dash over to another and hit it while the sword is in flight, allowing him excellent mobility and decent multi-target capability.

Longtooth ShiftingDamage Control Overdrive

The Longtooth comes with damage control systems which kick in under a certain level of damage, keeping the unit active and fighting for longer. By removing some of the safety devices, the increased power can make it hit harder as well.

Off-Hand Strike, Ruffling StingQuick Attack Customization

Adjustments to the hydraulics and servos allow for quick bursts of power, but strain and expended fluids mean that this cant’ be done more than a couple times without some downtime to check things out and refill reservoirs. Done properly, it push a unit off-balance to set up for a bigger strike.

Invigorating StrideMore Longtooth Damage Control Systems

The Longtooth has several ways to keep itself up and running, and this is one of them. ECM-like effects produced during it also allow the unit to move a short distance without fear of being attacked during the process.

Jaws of the WolfChopping Things In Half For Fun And Profit

More arm modifications allow Thunders to hit for strong, powerful blows with each weapon at the same time, but damage to the machinery does not permit this to be repeated without a visit to the repair bays between attempts, sadly.

R-307A "Longtooth"

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