Model Specifications

Description: Consolidated Technologies Limited’s MPAP-386 with Mk2 Bogenführen Anti-material Rifle (nonstandard)
Manufacturer: Consolidated Technologies Limited
Model Number: MPAP-386
Unit Design Specification: Mass Production All Purpose Model
Owner: Fray Muller

Race:Elf: Erudine Lossless Fractal Operation System

The Erudine Lossless Fractal Operation System is an open source set of routines and predefined operating commands that have been adapted for use in civilian and military mobile weapons platforms. While its design does suffer from a relative lack of computing power compared to other operating systems, its fractal based structure allows it to demonstrate top of the line predictive and microprognostive capabilities. This design allows for minute course corrections and plotting travel speed, increasing maximum speed by 17% as well as allowing its operator to navigate through space debris and other hinderences without obstruction. In addition, predictive circuits can be manually engaged to reconfirm a firing solution before weapon launch. Finally the OS can use its microprognostive elements to analyze its environment for threats and transmit that information remotely to other units, even while in standby mode.

Class:Hunter (Primeshot/Hunter’s Quarry) JaherCore Strider-III Long Distance Combat Module

The JaherCore Strider-III combat module is a commercially available targeting suit designed for medium/long distance combat scenarios. It’s primary feature is the Single Target Structual Weakness Analysis Unit, which allows the pilot to focus their attacks on critical components of a signle designated unit, resulting in higher damage output. It also includes a self learning core, allowing its systems to adapt and grow after each battle. While not normally compatible with this module, the unit installed in Fray’s MPAP-386 has been tampered with allowing it to interface directly with the machine’s operating system. Unfortunately this has resulted in several glitches in the targeting system. If any unit with the same IFF identifier as the MPAP-386 is closer to the MPAP’s designated target, the is a marginal reduction in accuracy. In addition, it’s Single Target Structual Weakness Analysis Unit always defaults to the closest target regardless of user designation, though once a target is designated, it will stay so until destroyed or the Unit is reset.


Greatbow: Mk2 Bogenführen Anti-material Rifle

The Mk2 Bogenführen Anti-material Rifle was one of the previous generation’s top tier anti-armor mobile weapons. It functions by using charged particals to create a particle rich medium and then to superheat it instantly, producing a near lightspeed beam of destruction. The Bogenführen sacrifices beam width for range, making it one of the longest range mecha-equipable weapons in service today. Designed for use in specialized mobile weapon models, the gun delivers a slightly higher amount of damage than its same-gen competitors at the cost of relative accuracy. However, this model is only marginally less effective than current models used by the military, the major innovations being in power management and efficiency. The Bogenführen’s major drawback is the prodigious amount of energy it requires to fire, requiring either large dedicated power conduits or high capacity batteries.
Fray’s version has had considerable modifications to the targeting and power distribution system allowing for the use of magnetic flechettes to increase accuracy and beam coherency and low power beams to accomodate for power distribution problems.

Hide Armor: Consolidated Industries Value-Plus Standard Grade “Tiger” Armor

A standard grade armor available on CI Mass Production Mecha. This armor balances affordability with some protection. Made of a copyrighted Titanium alloy, it has proven effective against a variety of anti-personal and anti-mobile armor weapons. Unfortunately this effectiveness is limited. Tiger grade armor has a disturbing history of standing firm against several direct hits and then crumbling to ineffectiveness almost immediately afterward. Unlike it’s reinforced and more heavily armored counterparts, Tiger grade armor has almost no impact on machine mobility or speed.

2x Short Swords: CI Standard Caliber Reinforced Melee Modules (Modified)

CI Mass Production Mecha come equiped with a Titanium reinforced melee module, commonly called a “blade” because of its design. Normally stored in a shield mounted receptical, as the 386 lacks a standard shield, it is mounted on the machines back. The module contains no moving parts of specialized technology. It is a large heavy piece of metal with a hand grip, a few sharpened edges, and a pointy bit. Properly utilized they can be almost as effective as low end beam weaponry but are somewhat easier to use. 386s come with a kit to install the receptical on either the left or right side of the back in order to accomodate various handed users. Fray like many Belters simply installed both.


Defensive Mobility: JaherCore Strider-III Long Distance Combat Module, Evasive Thruster Override

When the unit engages in combat manuvers that would leave the machine exposed to enemy attack (such as retreating from the enemy at more than 1/4 speed or using long distance weapons at close range) the JaherCore Strider-III module’s self learning core can automatically engage the machine’s manuvering thrusters to attempt to avoid a retalitory blow. This usually results in approximately a 10% reduction in the chance of enemy contact.

Weapon Proficiency (Greatbow): High Energy Anti-Material Weapon Refit

The MPAP-386 was not designed to mount anything on the scope of Mk2 Bogenführen Anti-material Rifle. Heavy modifications were made both to the power systems and to the hand and arm units of the machine to accommodate for the increased power requirements and physical strain the weapon puts on the machine. This refits include the replacement of the Type II CT Internal Servomotors in the hand units with Type R Industrial Gripping Modules, the stripping out of secondary weaponry and safeguards, and rerouting power from non-essential motive components. Even with these refits, the Anti-Material Rifle usually operates at a lower power level that it was designed for. Increase the power to combat levels strains the capacitors and the power reserves making recharging or replacement necessary before more powerful blasts can be used again.

Bow Expertise: Electromagnetic Anti-Material Fletechets

The Mk2 Bogenführen Anti-Material Rifle fires magnetically charged metalic flechettes to create a corridor for the high energy plasma to travel before striking the target. This system allows for increased accuracy at both low and high power settings. In addition, it also increases damage delivered, provided that the targeted unit is isolated. Other enemy units in close proximity will interfere with the fletechet trail and marginally diffuse the beam.

Weapon Focus (Bows): Purazuma Production BXM-34A High Energy Conduit Diagnostic Regulator

This specialized piece of hardware installs to the MPAP-386’s central computer and helps to regulate and direct power main distribution. This allows for a more efficient use of power when firing the Mk2 Bogenführen Anti-material Rifle, resulting in approximately an 8% improvement in damage out put at normal settings. Normally such a module would be used in a cargo or industrial transport to more efficiently power ship systems on a antique powerplant. Belters have been using similar tricks for several years to improve Mobile Suit performance.

Skill Training (Arcana): An Engineer’s Guide to High Power Motive Systems and Semi-Autonomous Units

Fray “acquired” a copy of one of the premier technical guides for basic and intermediate mecha repair and technical retrofitting. It has been installed in both the base computer and in the MPAP itself. Fray’s studies have already begun to show significant promise increasing her status from “tinkerer” to “goddamned dangerous meddler who will blow the goddamned repair bay up” in the eyes of the Fortuna group’s engineers.

Hunter’s Aim One highly illegal and dangerous hackjob to the Single Target Structual Weakness Analysis Unit

Frustrated with the JaherCore’s targeting problems, Fray took to the problem with a mishmash of hacks, rewiring, and blunt force trauma. This took several days and the loss of an eyebrow to complete. After the smoke cleared tests revealed an increase in the targeting efficiency of the STSWAU under adverse conditions. The unit is now able to maintain an optimal targeting lock even when the target is obscured by debris, enemy fire, or very large explosions. Unfortunately the STSWAU still defaults to the closest target, something of a sore spot for her.


Twin StrikePlasma’s Cheap

Fray’s combat style revolves around the assumption that the people she is fighting are in better machines with better evasive abilities. As such, shealways fires twice, once at the target and once where she thinks the target is going. This technique results in slightly lower average damage due to the inability to manually target weakspots, but thanks to the machine’s operating system, it does not result in lower accuracy.

Nimble StrikeEvasive Routines Alpha – Nu

Fray has preestablished a number of evasive routines that she can quickly engage while firing her weapons. They allow her to cautiously move in any direction while still engaging her target. Unfortunately they do not allow her to utilize her double shot technique.

Two-Fanged StrikeReroot Nonessential Circuits

By temporarily diverting computing resources through various non-essential subroutines, Fray can boost the JaherCore Strider-III Long Distance Combat Module’s computing power temporarily allowing her not only to fire twice at a single target, but also to let the targeting systems aim both shots at precisely the same location at the enemy unit. Unfortunately this hack crashes most of those subroutines requiring the machine to reboot before repeating that maneuver.

Sure ShotCore Dump

As a last resort Fray can directly connect the Erudine Lossless Fractal Operating System to the rifle’s control and dump all the machine’s raw power to the Anti-material Rifle . The OS confirms and reconfirms the targeting data before giving firing confirmation and then fires the Anti-material Rifle at full power. While the attack is devastating, the raw energy burns out 50% of the Rifle’s capacitors. Repairing this damage requires a refit and repair job before it can be used again.

Invigorating StrideFray’s Patented “Oh Shit” button

After several close calls on solo missions, Fray was finally convinced that some extra protection might not be unwarranted. However, since extra armor would necessitate a reduction in firepower, Fray found a unique solution. By venting and igniting plasma from damaged areas of the machine she creates a cloud of fast moving particles that interfers with targeting sensors, allowing her to safely disengage from her current target and effect temporary repairs.

Disruptive StrikeOpportunity Knocking

Whenever an enemy strikes, there is always some sort of opening, a tell that can be picked up by an observant foe. By exposing the Erudine Lossless Fractal Operating System to countless hours of simulations, battle recordings, and live fire exercises, Fray has begun to teach the OS to recognize these tells and establish a snap shot firing lock. Needless to say, the effect of being hit during one’s own firing procedures tend to lead to rather severe targeting interference.


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