The manshaped semiautnomous robots know as “Mobile Suits,” “Mobile Armors,” or “Mecha” have dramatically changed the face of the battlefield. More heavily armed than many conventional battleships, highly armored and far more manuverable, since their introduction, these units have dramatically changed the course and nature of warfare, both in space and during ground based conflicts. Easy to move, easy to conceal, and widely available for the right price, these units have made their way into the grey economy of war profiteering and the mercenaries who feed off it. Modern proponents of these technologies claim that they make warfare cleaner but one has to go no farther than Mars to see the scars of ongoing warfare and conflict brought upon us all by the bloodstained hands of a mere handful of these death machines.

Fortuna Group Mecha

Fortuna Group Spacecraft

  • SS Aphetor Owner: Cmd Daniels Status: Active
  • Hygia Class Support Vessel Owner: Cmd Daniels Status: Active

Fortuna Group Assorted Craft

  • none yet

Other Notable Craft

  • Glorious Leader Status: Owned
  • Glorious Leader 2 Status: Double Owned

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