Man is a social animal. It instinctively seeks others like it to join it’s own self identification of “same” and then proceeds to exclude those not like it as “other.” When one has resources, it is shared with the self and excluded from the other. When they are scarce same will share equally with same, but take forcefully from the other. It is this constant process of take, share, and horde that drives society to conflict. It is as inevitable as the rising of the moon or the setting of the sun, but far more sinister.

Interplanetary Factions

Intraplanetary Factions

  • Mars
  • Belt
    • Belt Freeholders
      • Red Hammer Mining Collective
      • Fraternal Order of the Sons of Tesla
    • Belt Raiders
      • Barbary Cove Raiders
  • Saturn
    • Coalition of He3 Exporters (CHE)

Mercenary Companies

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