Waylon Isidro


Waylon Isidro Francis

Born in Vascilia County on Mars, Waylon Isidro Francis spent most of his young life seeing his dad work at the new Jovian terraforming centers, massive facilities designed to literally manufacture a more livable atmosphere for the red planet. He also spent much of his life seeing neighboring countries go to war, with his own sometimes being drawn into the conflicts. Luckily, due to his father’s work, him and his family were excempt from the drafts when that happened. Even so, more than a few of his friends grew up without one or both of their parents, and he himself was missing an uncle.

All that changed when he was 14, his father dying in an incident at the terraformation center. Within the week, he was being trained on the standard Chéngshòu mobile weapons used, and within 3 months he had participated in several border skirmishes against Terran Alliance backed nations. The next 4 years are times he doesn’t enjoy talking about, but they ended with him deserting before a major battle at the Olympus Mons city of Litochoro, taking with him his Yánjùn Chéngshòu mobile weapon, having grown explicitly tired of fighting for things obviously not in his own interest, his country’s interest, or his fellow soldier’s interest. After all, if you’re going to fight for things not in your interest, there’s jobs out there doing so for far better pay.

The next 4 years have been spent drifting from job to job, typically operating on a temporary basis with a variety of mercenary outfits and asteroid belt-cities. The Fortuna Group is simply the latest group in that long chain of outfits, although he’s been with it for longer than any other so far.

Currently Piloting: Screaming Blue

Waylon Isidro

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