Fray Muller


Level 4 Elf Ranger
Martial Striker
Pilot of: MPAP-386 Modified


Frea “Fray” Muller

Mercenary Gun For Hire
Specialiation: LR-ST

An Earth National who spent her formative years on Mars, she was part of a refugee group that was beseiged by Jovian Forces during a brief period of violent hostilities between the Terran Alliance and the Jovian Federation. Though the daughter of the wealthy Muller dynasty, she and her friends enlisted in the Terran Alliance’s Navy after a brief skirmish around the Moon that result in the deaths of the heads of her Clan. Poorly trained and rarely supplied she and her friends were assigned to an omega unit and sent to the heaviest parts of the fighting. She watched her friends and eventually her lover, newly reconciled, die thanks to the Terran Alliance’s neglect. She was subsequently transferred to a political unit but this was too much. After recording a single propoganda commercial she walked off the base and never looked back. Though the Alliance retroactively discharged her in order to cover up the political stink, Terran Alliance High Command has never forgotten her abandonment of the cause, neither has she.

Fray is motivated largely by grief and hatred. Grief for her dead lover and friends and hatred of both the Terran Alliance and the Jovian Military for causing their deaths. She is, however, very good at transfering those emotions to whomever she is fighting. While she was originally trained for bridge work on a Naval Vessel, she bribed and traded favors for the best pilot simulations should could find to train against, including some highly illegal military AI simulators. She lost, a lot, pretty much every time but it’s where she gained her grasp of military tactics and her double-shot predictive shooting technique.

Fray goes into every battle expecting the enemy to be better pilots with better machines than she does. Most of the time, she’s not far off, at least in terms of equipment. The MPAP-386 she bought was a standard all purpose mass production model, designed for security and supplemental combat roles, roughly equivalent to the GM. The official story (backed up by documents) is that she purchased a stripped down surplused training model to refit. More salacious rumors imply that another coin was used. The other purchases including the Mk2 Bogenf├╝hren Anti-material Rifle (which cost more than the mecha) were legally purchased through various salvagers and vendors and assembled in a crazy frankensteinesq method by Fray and some of her Belt contacts.

Fray was recruited by the Fortuna group as a gun for hire, which she does with few complaints and much success, at least as long as she gets to kill people.

Fray Muller

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