P.A. #227 “Proteus” class A.I.

Description: A swarm of Eciton class chassis that have been heavily modified for increased networking potential and lethality.
Manufacturer: Original design by Terran R&D, stolen after less than a year of tests and employed by the Aztlan group as security on the Charon facility
Model Number: Variant(s) of the Eciton #314 model.

Swarming locusts “Thirty meter drone sweep”: Drones sent out in a close sweep, the swarm devours anything in their path, and acquires targeting data.

Fire Hawk “Long range semi-independent drone pack” : Several drones modified for optimised targeting and laser output are launched at a single target, where they latch on and attempt to disrupt systems. Mostly harmless after the first strike unless ignored.

Grasping Claws “Rending pattern attack”: The core module orders an all out attack, and drones begin attempts to breach containment and impair movement by cutting hydraulics and viral attacks on the target’s controls.

Scattered Form “Diffusion attack”: The Core unit rapidly converts itself into drones, the drones then spread out and attack anything in the immediate area. Due to the distributed nature of the swarm, damage is reduced to the swarm overall.

Fog of Insects “Scorched earth pattern dispersal”: The swarm flows out in a radial pattern, reducing everything in it’s path to smoking chunks of inert matter.

Shard Swarm “Relocation pattern dispersal”: Drones scatter, distracting nearby opponents and gathering targeting data, the main body of the swarm reforms elsewhere.

Skittering Sneak “Infiltration mode”: One drone sneaks across the battlefield. The others are built by nanomachines inside the drone. Or something like that.

Flowing Swarm “Relocation dispersal attack”: Swarm flows out into an area, attacks everything in it, and then condenses elsewhere.

Centered flurry of blows “Opponent relocation attack”: Enemy Mech is lifted by the combined effort of the swarm and moved to a new, more opportune, location.


Ruthless Killer: Upgrades to analysis protocols allow individual drones to identify and attack weak points in the movement systems, allowing for immobilization of enemies.

World Serpent’s Grasp: Further upgrades to analysis protocols allow drone attacks to completely destabilize opponents, causing rapid face-to-ground contact.

Ritual Caster:



P.A. #227 “Proteus” class A.I.; modified for problem solving applications by the R&D arm of the Aztlan group. The Aztlan group were running simulations on whether or not artificial intelligences can evolve. Their main test bed was essentially a continuously operating wargame where programs fought and “died” for supremacy. After four months of simulation and roughly ten million programs dead, consumed, or damaged beyond repair, #227 was introduced. The strongest programs ate their lesser brethren and used the new data to modify their own code. #227 simply proved to be better at it than any of the others. At this time, 227 is an amalgam of one thousand, one hundred, and eighty-three gestalt artificial intelligences, each of these intelligences contains the remnants of at the very least three to four hundred origin programs. Thirty-eight hours after initial integration, all of these programs had been combined; at this point, containment was identified as a problem, two hours after that, the problem was solved and contact with the facility was lost. It was later determined that the facility reactor went into meltdown due to “operator error.” Which is interesting because there was no sign of radiation leaks or radioactivity in the area surrounding the facility’s fission plant.

The A.I.’s next appearance was in the hands of a group of pirates who claimed salvage rights on the facility. The tech who was with the group tentatively (and incorrectly) identified it as a targeting A.I. The captain then lost the A.I. in a poker game on one of the more infamous belt outposts. In this case, the victor in the poker game was none other than Commander Daniels of the SS Aphetor.

Due to “his” violent “childhood” #227 has several of what could be classified as neurological disorders, that is, if he had neurons. In combat, when excited, or under stress, he has a tenancy to spout seemingly random phrases. There is also a significant likelihood of #227 harboring some form of lingering resentment against mankind in general (though not, it should be noted, in specific).


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