Mecha and Mercenaries

Mission 4a.25

Plausible Assholes

I say we fuck it, make sure our contracted guys get paid and hand the ship and the guys over to EDI, that’s all. I’ll take a zero paying job personally on this one, and if they press that matter, we’ll let them know, under the table, that it would be a pleasure to have a training accident somewhere where we wipe that miserable organization of the face of the space-time curve.
-Fray Muller

In this thrilling conclusion to the Fortuna Groups assault on their supposed pirate enemies, a SHOCKING TWIST is revealed. Thanks to Commander Daniels quick thinking (and perhaps Fray Muller’s freakishly large gun) the supposed pirates realized they were no match for the Fortuna Group and Surrender. These pirates however, ain’t. Nor, surprisingly were they members of the Jovian military as they implied. Instead our wayward foes were members of the Executive Decisions, Incorporated, a largish mercenary group based out of Io. And they weren’t exactly happy with the situation. The group’s offer to transport EDI’s equipment and personnel to safety for a modest ransom fee was met with a dire threat. Lawyers. Faced with the blackmail threat of legal action against the Fortuna Group for wrongful death and property discussion. The group decided to return EDI’s property to them at no charge as an act of good faith. Of Course none of the EDI’s suits or ammunition survived the engagement; an unfortunate accident that I’m sure had nothing to do with any member of the Fortuna Group.

As the Fortuna Group sets their sights back toward Mars, can anyone truly know what consequences their actions may hold in the future?

Honestly I’m not sure they care.



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