Mecha and Mercenaries

Mission 4a.21

Jovian? I thought you said Lesbians?

Jovians are just pirates with a stupid name
-Fray Muller

The Fortuna Group, bastions of rightegousness have sworn themselves to rid the sector of pirates whomever they may be. These pirates however, are claiming to be members of the Jovian military! Worse they have come armed with the one thing the Fortuna Group can not abide, guff. Can the proud soliders of the Fortuna group make good on Commander Daniels boast? Will they experience the full power of the Jovian battle frigate? Tune it next week to see on…Mecha and Mercenaries: Night of Fire!


We’re going to have an armada if this keeps up. This is a very good thing in my eyes. The grenadiers are Good People To Have Around.

Mission 4a.21

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