Mecha and Mercenaries

Mission 2

Hit 'Em Where It Hurts

The Red Hammer Mining Collective, along with a few of the other groups in the area — some asteroid farmers, a group of rogue technologists, and a couple of pirate node servers, have gotten together and decided to stamp out the local raider problem once and for all. They’ve tracked the group that’s been giving them problems back to their home — they just need some muscle to go in and finish the job. As you impressed the RHMC on your last gig with them, they gave you the option of first refusal on the contract. Total paycheck on this one is $2.5 million — not as much as the defense gig, but then again, not all contracts can be rush jobs.

Buy Options

Junker Salvage Barge: The Order of the Sons of Tesla, Local 1178 has a cobbled-together salvage barge ready to provide assistance with its complement of repair drones and EW Wasps. $300,000 for fuel, supplies, and a crew indemnity.
Probe Flyby: The RHMC has a few sensor probes, used for sniffing out mineral concentrations on target asteroids. While they’d have to make it fast flyby to ensure the probe gets any data before being shot down, any intel ahead of time is better than nothing. $200,000 for the probe and launch vehicle.
Man on the Inside: Some money spread around on Ceres might result in finding someone willing to sell their buddies up the river — or at least soften up their defenses some before we make our assault. $400,000 for a lot of bribes and a fat enough stack of cash to entice a traitor.



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